How to Use Sticky Notes

Users may use sticky notes to share ideas with other users, and aid in brainstorming or organization activities.

Each user can place one sticky note in the room they are in.

If you have already placed a sticky and try to place a new one, the original sticky will be deleted. 

Any user can edit any other user’s stickies. 

go_menu_sticky.png To place a sticky note, go to the “GO TO” menu, under the username. Select “sticky note” from the bottom of the dropdown. 



A new sticky will appear and follow your mouse. To place it, click again.

If the sticky is against a wall or the floor, it will stick to each respectively.

If there is nothing near the sticky when it is placed, it will float in midair.



To edit the sticky note, click on it so a typing cursor appears. Type your message.



You can choose the color of the sticky by clicking the colors on the side.

To move the sticky from where you initially placed it, click the hand in the top right corner. Click again to place.



To delete the sticky, click the red circle with an inscribed X in the top right corner. 



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