Presentation Boards

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Presentation boards function similarly to web browsers. Content displayed on these boards can be changed as easily as navigating to a website and all users in the area will be able to see the changes you make.

Changing a Presentation Board
1. Click on the Board you would like to change.

2. An address bar will appear in the lower-right hand corner.

3. Click in the address bar and type anything you would like to google or paste in a URL and hit Enter.

Zoom and Refresh
When you select a presentation board, two icons will appear in the upper-right corner of the board. The magnifying glass icon (zoom), will bring the presentation board up to fill your screen, giving you a better view of the presentation board's details.

When you're in a large room with a stage such as the auditorium, it can be difficult to find the zoom button attached to the screen because it's so far away. In this case, if you look at the top center of your screen, you'll see a "screen zoom" button that you can use to zoom in or out of the screen. See it in action:


The circling arrows icon (refresh) allows you to refresh the page in the same way you would on a website.

The Laser Pointer
Much like laser pointers in real life, the VirBELA laser pointer allows you to point to objects on the presentation boards. However, unlike laser pointers in real life, laser pointers in VirBELA worlds only work on presentation boards and their color matches the color of your nameplate, so you can easily figure out who's pointing at what.


File Upload
File upload allows you to put certain files directly onto a selected presentation board. This can be done using the icon to the right of the favorite (star) icon.


Files will pop up in the presentation board, just like any other webpage. PDFs and PPTX (Powerpoint, Slides, Keynote, etc.) will open in a slideshow format, allowing you to advance or backtrack through slides in the presentation board window. Uploading files in these formats takes a bit longer to complete, however.

The following file formats are among those that can be uploaded to a  presentation board: .pptx, .ppt, .pdf, .jpg, .gif, .png, and .txt

Google Docs
While docx and xlsx files cannot be loaded directly in this manner, you can navigate the presentation board to Google Docs and open them there. Click here for more information about using Google Docs with the presentation boards.

Screen Sharing
It's also possible to share information from your screen, posting your screen share to a presentation board. Please click this link for more information on screen sharing.

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