"virbela.exe has stopped working" (crashed on Windows)

If this happens before a login screen is displayed, there may be an issue with the graphics capabilities of your computer.

One potential solution is to update your graphics driver.

Click the Start button (the Windows icon) in the lower left corner of your desktop and type "device manager." The 'Best Match' at the top should be the "Device Manager" application, located in the Control Panel.

If you have administration privileges, you will be allowed to proceed to the next page. If you do not, please consult your IT manager about updating your graphics card.

Click the carrot to the left of "Display Adapters" to reveal your graphics card device. Right-click this device and select "Update driver."

You will then be given the option to search for the update to your driver yourself or have Windows search for an update automatically. Click "Search automatically for updated driver software."

If this did not solve your problem or are not sure if your computer can run VirBELA, please submit a help ticket.

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