VirBELA is running slowly

If VirBELA is running slowly, there are few things you can do to increase performance. You don't necessarily have to do all the things on this list; experiment with one change at a time, to see which has the best impact, and preserve the graphical settings you prefer over others.

Close Non-Essential Programs
The first thing you should try, which will not have any effect on VirBELA's graphical settings is to shut down any non-essential programs. Depending on your computer specifications (and the resource requirements of the other applications), running other programs while VirBELA is running could drastically affect your computer's performance.

Make sure you are running on the Fastest Quality setting (configurable when you choose a resolution). This will increase VirBELA's speed, at the cost of smoothness of models in the virtual space.

(This window is not available for Mac users) 


Reduce your Target Framerate 
This affects how many frames per second (FPS) will be rendered. Reducing this will make characters move with much less fluidity, but VirBELA itself will run much faster.

  • Click the Cog menu in the upper right of your screen
  • Select Preferences
  • Click the 10 or 20 button



Switch to Simple Avatars
By default, your Avatar Complexity is set to Dynamic, which means that other players in your view will switch to cardboard cutouts once too many are on the screen at once or when they reach a certain distance from you. Switching to simple avatars will make all other players into cardboard cutouts, regardless of distance.

Lower the Draw Distance
This means that buildings won't be rendered past certain distances.


Mac Users:
We have found that non-apple external monitors can cause performance issues, try unplugging these devices.


Laptop Users:
You may want to set your power settings to High Performance.

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