Virbela is running slowly

Make sure you are running on the Fastest Quality setting (configurable when you choose a resolution).


Set your Target Frame rate to 10.

  • Open the Cog menu in the upper right of your screen
  • Select Preferences
  • Click the 10 button


If you are using a laptop, you may want to set your power settings to High Performance.

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    Miriam Moorman

    This article talks about the graphics quality choice when you first install. There are two problems with that being a solution. 1. In the download installer instructions, it tells you to try "Best" first so I did. 2. You won't know that Virbela is running slowly until you are already past this step and these instructions don't tell you how to get back to the Configuration window so this is not a complete or helpful answer.  How do you get back to the configuration window once you are in already?  

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