Screen Sharing


Screen sharing lets you put live video of what you are doing on your computer screen onto one of the presentation boards. It’s a great tool for demonstrating software and other instructional work.

Find the presentation board you would like to display your screen on. Click on the board to activate it. 
In the bottom right corner of the screen, find the URL bar. 

The second icon from the right is the screen sharing tool. Click on the icon. 


Getting Set Up: Installing FreeConferenceCall
 If it is your first time using the screen sharing tool, VirBELA will ask you permission to do a small download of FreeConferenceCall.

Click "OK".  
A loading bar will appear at the top of the VirBELA app. 
After the download is complete, a new application (separate from VirBELA) will open. 
Note: Depending on your security settings, your computer may ask you for permission to run the downloaded software, or tell you some features are blocked. Allow it access or give it permission to run. 
​VirBELA's screen sharing tool will automatically pasted a new URL into the presentation board, which will display your screen.
After installing the VirBELA Screen Share software, all you need to do to screen share on a board is click the screen share icon. The VirBELA Screen Share app will automatically set up the URL for you! 
You can now switch between apps and pull up anything you would like to display on the presentation board. The screen sharing app will run in the background.
To end your screen share:
Click the screen share button again.

Previous Approach: showmypc

Users may broadcast their computer screen by using the service showmypc coupled with one of the many presentation boards in Virbela.


1. Go to and download the software; leave the website open


2. Open the showmypc application that you previously downloaded


3. Generate a password and copy it to your clipboard (highlight the text and  ctrl C on Windows, cmd C on Mac OSX) 



4. On the showmypc website, enter the password into the "view PC" section;

You will be redirected to a new webpage that is broadcasting your screen!



5. Copy the URL of this webpage to your clipboard 

6. Open the VirBELA  application 

7. Find the presentation board you wish to use in Virbela and click on it so that the URL bar appears on the bottom right corner of your screen


What if I can't use the presentation boards?


8. Paste the link of the broadcasting webpage into the URL bar (ctrl-V on Windows, cmd V on Mac OSX) 

9. Done! Your screen is now being broadcasted on the presentation board! Minimize the VirBELA application to avoid duplicating what you see.




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