How to Control Your Avatar

There are several ways to move your avatar around in Virbela. 


Point and Click:  

When you hover your mouse over a place your avatar can walk to, an icon of a person will appear. 


When you left click  on this area, your avatar will walk to where you clicked. 


WASD Keys/Keyboard and Mouse:

You may also move your avatar using your keyboard, and look around with your mouse.  

The WASD keys are located on the far left side of your keyboard, next to the caps lock key. 



To move your avatar forward press and hold the W key 

To move backward press and hold the S key 

To turn to the right press and hold the D key 

To turn to the left press and hold the A key




Looking around

In our newest patches, your camera is locked facing forward by default. 

By pressing the spacebar

you can unlock your camera and look around freely


Pressing the spacebar again will lock the camera back in place. This function works both when standing and when sitting. 

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    Stuart Volkow

    How do I get into first person PoV? Is there a toggle between eye-of-god and first person?

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