How to take a poll

Taking a poll

If you want to ask you audience for an opinion, you can use the Poll Everywhere tool to get a quick response and present your results in Virbela. 

For help using Poll Everywhere, please reference their help page


Open your web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, etc.) 

Create your poll with Poll Everywhere.

Making an account is not necessary, but will allow you to save your poll data to look back on in the future. 


Activate your poll and find the shareable link.



Copy the link by highlighting it and pressing ctrl + C [Windows] or cmd + C [Mac]


In Virbela, open the tab in the top right corner that displays your username 

Select "Broadcast Message" 



Click on the chat bar on the bottom left corner of the screen. Paste in your Poll Everywhere link with ctrl + V [Windows] or cmd + V [Mac]



Send the broadcast. A new window will pop up for all users in the campus displaying your poll question(s)!  To exit after you've responded, click outside of the window. 



Showing your poll results

In your web browser, find the poll results webpage. Copy the link to your clipboard. 


In Virbela, find a presentation board you would like to use



Click on the board to bring up the URL bar 



Paste the results webpage into the URL bar and press enter



Your poll results are now presented on the board!

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