Verify Files

If the patcher fails to complete or the program crashes, you may want to try verifying files. Any missing or corrupt application files will be re-downloaded and applied to the application.

Double-click the VirBELA application icon (or launch from the taskbar) and quickly click in the pop-up window, while VirBELA is checking for updates. If done correctly, a small, blue window will pop up, asking if you would like to attempt to repair the application.
Click the "Repair" button.


VirBELA will then run through a validation check to make sure all of the installation files are correctly installed and repair any that may be missing or corrupt. 

Then the text will say "Checking..." as it verifies each file. 

When the verification process completes, VirBELA will continue launching normally.

If you are unable to activate the repair process, you can force it through the command line interface (CLI).
To launch the CLI open the Start menu by typing "cmd". This will open a black window with white text that should look something like this:

In the example, eXp World is on the C drive in Program Files (x86), so you would type "cd c:\Program Files (x86)\eXp World". You can find the address of your version of VirBELA by navigating to the folder (in the desktop), then clicking the address bar at the top of the folder, like so:
Copy that address and paste it into the CLI after "cd" (for Change Directory) and hit Enter. 
This will place you inside the VirBELA directory. 
From here, type the name of the application (in this case "expworld.exe") followed by "repair" and hit Enter. 
The CLI may not show much response to that command, but the computer will then launch VirBELA and run the verify/repair process. Once it finishes, all files should be free of corruption and in their required place.

If you continue to have issues with VirBELA, you may want to consider doing a clean install.
Click here to learn how to perform a clean install.

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