Inviting Users to a Campus

The invite feature in the dashboard is an easy way of gathering users to your campus.
While our demo campus is open to whomever downloads the software, your specific campus may be configured in such a way as to be invite-only. Inviting people to a campus can only be done by users with admin-level privileges in the VirBELA Dashboard.

To invite users to the campus, log in to the VirBELA Dashboard.

Click the Members tab on the left side of the screen (the silhouette icon).


Next, click the Invite button at the bottom of the left-hand column.


This will take you to the Invite page. From here, you can invite individuals or groups of people and see the status of invites already sent out.

To invite a single user, simply fill in the user's email address. You can also define the user's display name, first and last name, any group membership, and their level of permissions in the world.

To invite a group of users, download this template and replace the sample data with the email addresses and names of the people you would like to invite to the campus. You can rename the CSV whatever you like.

When you have added the information of all the users you intend to send invites to, click "Import CSV" in the dashboard, under the Invite header. A window will open for uploading the CSV. Navigate to the CSV, select it, and click Open.

The Invite window should now show the group invite CSV. Click Import to send the group of invites.

If you refresh this page, you will now see the users you sent invites to on the right side, under Status. This window will also show you who has accepted their invites and gives you the ability to resend or revoke invitations to any specific user.

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