Resetting Microphone Setting for MacOS

This guide is specific to Mac users only, sorry windows. 

The goal of this guide is to force a prompt when opening Open Campus/eXp World to allow access to your Microphone. This should also update the system preferences as well.

1.Access the Spotlight Search by using the CMD (⌘) + SPACEBAR.


2. In the Spotlight Search - type "Terminal" - then hit enter


3. Once the Terminal has opened - type "tccutil reset Microphone" - then hit enter


4. After you hit enter, you can go ahead and close the Terminal window and Launch Open Campus/eXp World.

5. After you log in, a prompt should show up asking if you want to allow the Microphone - click OK

After these steps, system preferences should now include VirBELA in the Microphone tab, under Security & Privacy.

Here is a video to help!

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